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Ambulance Wish Western Australia is now in a position to start recruiting volunteers in preparation for starting to fulfil final wishes in late 2021.

“There is something undeniably heartwarming about seeing a final wish granted. A terminal illness brings about feelings of complete powerlessness for everyone involved. Death is an unstoppable force and when we are confronted with it, it is our instinct as humans to fight, to search for a new solution, to deny reality.

If there is something in that chaos that we can control, some way to bring light into that darkness, it can take away some of the sting that comes with an impending death.”*

Ambulance Wish Western Australia utilises volunteer AHPRA Registered Health care professionals (Medical Practitioners, Nurses and Paramedics) along with volunteer Wish Ambulance Drivers and Crew to accompany patients on their final wishes. If you are interested in volunteering, please see the volunteering opportunities section below.


Volunteering opportunities

Final Wish Clinician

Final Wish Clinicians (AHPRA registered Medical Practitioners, Nurses or Paramedics) accompany the wish recipient on their final wish, providing medical assistance, care and support as required.

Ambulance Driver/ Crew

Volunteer Wish Ambulance Drivers and Crew accompany the wish recipient on their final wish - duties include driving the Wish Ambulance and providing care and support as required.

Community Ambassador

Our Community Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the Charity, seeking out or organising fundraising opportunities and promoting our aims and objectives.

Final Wish Supporter

Our office and administration volunteers support in a range of functions, including fundraising, administration, marketing; volunteer recruitment; and wish experience reviewing and planning.

Ambulance Wish Volunteer feedback

“Hugely rewarding day today volunteering as a paramedic for Ambulance Wish UK. Truly humbling work and such a privilege to be able to go above and beyond what we can do as NHS clinicians.”
Paramedic, Ambulance Wish Foundation (UK)

The impact it has on the family when they see that their loved one is being treated so respectfully and that we are fulfilling their last wish, I think that gives the family a sense of closure, knowing that the person went out on a high note.”
I. McKenzie, Memory Lane

The smile on Betty’s face has been priceless. This is just a great opportunity that everyone should get involved with. She is so grateful for us to do this for her, it just makes everyone feel good. It’s a gift.”
Darren Lawrence, Ambulance Wish Queensland

“A minimal effort with a maximum result, and that is one of the many aspects that makes this beautiful volunteer work so special!”
Driver, Stichting Ambulance Wens (Netherlands