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Ambulance Wish Western Australia has launched its 2021 tax appeal. Your invaluable support is needed to help this essential service.

Imagine knowing you are in the final days of your life. With family and loved ones around you, you are able to reflect on a lifetime of significant moments and memories, and ask yourself one important question: if you could have one final wish fulfilled, what would it be?

For 93-year-old Jack, it was to take one last look at his farm. Jack was lucky, he lived in Victoria and his last wish to visit his farm, some 140km away through winding rural roads, was fulfilled by Victoria’s new Ambulance Wish programme. Terminally ill and palliative patients in Western Australia, however, are dying without being given the opportunity to fulfil their last wishes because there are no means to transport these patients out of their hospices or homes. For people with terminal illness or in palliative care, a simple chance to reconnect with their lives in their final stages can mean the world.

Ambulance Wish Western Australia, like its sister charities Ambulance Wish Queensland and Flying Doctor Memory Lane, were inspired by the Netherlands Ambulance Wish charity, Stichting Ambulance Wens, to provide a no-cost, final wish programme to their respective States. Ambulance Wish Western Australia is establishing itself as a voluntary organisation to WA’s palliative care sector to fulfil these final wishes. The charity’s mission is to give people living with terminal illness – regardless of age – the resources, specialist transport and medical care they need to fulfil their final wishes, with no charge for the recipient; improving the quality of the dying experience for the patients and their families. The service is entirely donor-funded and staffed by medically trained health care professionals who volunteer their time.

The Registered Charity wants to give terminally ill and palliative West Australians a simple chance to reconnect with their lives in their final days, an opportunity to visit a place of personal significance, for example: to admire their own garden; to feel the breeze of the beach; or to be surrounded by their loved ones and pets.

Recently – in just 12 hours – generous Victorians donated over $200,000 to fund their new Memory Lane scheme, while Ambulance Wish Queensland received $50,000 funding and an ambulance from the Queensland Government to enable it to start fulfilling wishes. Ambulance Wish Western Australia hopes that the WA government, industry and members of the public will support their altruistic charity and enable it to bring moments of great comfort, peace and joy to terminally ill patients and their families. This end-of-financial-year, Ambulance Wish Western Australia, in particular, is asking ten WA businesses to step up and help terminally ill West Australians fulfil their final wishes by each donating $10k towards the purchase of a vehicle and electronic stretcher, enabling the commissioning of Western Australia’s first Wish Ambulance.

The charity’s launch and previous fundraising events were cancelled due to COVID-19. This year, we need your help to reach our target – to be fulfilling final wishes and transport terminally ill patients to their special place before Spring. While Ambulance Wish Western Australia will never earn a cent or make a profit, nor medically improve the health of the patient, its actions have enormous value for both the individuals and their families. In terms of science, it is difficult to quantify, but it’s more about personalisation and a humanistic approach, simply it’s all about caring and adds a quality of life to their last days.

You can make a tax-deductible donation today to start commissioning the first Wish Ambulance for Western Australia. Please donate today at:

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donate by the 30th of June to claim your tax deduction this financial year.


Jack fulfilling his final wish to visit his farm.

Posters can publicise the Tax Appeal can be found on Ambulance Wish Western Australia’s fundraising page or downloaded below.