Recycle for Ambulance Wish WA

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Support Ambulance Wish Western Australia by recycling your containers. Ambulance Wish Western Australia is excited to announce that they were recently registered as a recipient charity for the new Containers for Change scheme.

This initiative run by Western Australia Return Recycle Renew (WARRRL) encourages individuals, businesses and the eider community to collect eligible containers and recycle them at their nearest depot, with the ability to donate funds directly to a charity you care about.

We encourage you to choose Ambulance wish Western Australia as your charity to support.

Allocating a donation from your recyclables through the Containers for Change scheme is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Collect your used containers

2. Take your containers to your nearest depot 

3. Donate to Ambulance Wish Western Australia using our unique scheme ID: C10405107

Visit Containers for Change WA for more information.

What can I return?

Not all containers are eligible. To find out what can and can’t be returned, read more about returns.


Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund.

Eligible containers must:

  • Be included on the scheme’s list of products. Use our eligibility checker below to ensure your containers are eligible.
  • Display the refund mark (e.g. “10c refund at collection depots/points in participating State/Territory of purchase”)

There are some drink containers that are not eligible for a refund. Generally, excluded containers are those that are less than 150ml and greater than 3L.

Excluded containers include:

  • Any plain milk containers
  • Any glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits
  • Containers 1L or larger which have contained flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice
  • All cordial or syrup containers
  • Registered health tonics