Ambulance Wish Western Australia is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for volunteers, members, wish recipients and their families, and others who may be involved in our activities. This forms part of our commitment under the Ambulance Wish Western Australia Ethical Framework.

We do this organisationally through:

  • providing appropriate systems, tools, resources, training and supervision;
  • setting, publicising and monitoring objectives, targets and metrics to facilitate continuous improvement of our health and safety performance and systems;
  • ensuring that health and safety is considered when purchasing products and services, including fleet vehicles, and purchasing, leasing and refurbishing properties; and
  • complying with health and safety legislative requirements.

To achieve our vision of being harm free, we personally assume responsibility for keeping ourselves, our fellow volunteers and others healthy and safe. We do this by:

  • complying with Ambulance Wish Western Australia health and safety processes and instructions;
  • continuously making our environments safer by identifying hazards, assessing them, taking action to eliminate or reduce them, and checking that our actions are effective;
  • actively promoting values and behaviours that will continue to improve our safety culture and performance;
  • using forums to discuss health and safety issues and solutions, especially before changes are made that could affect our health and safety or that of others;
  • thinking before acting, where necessary modifying our approach or asking for advice or assistance, to eliminate or minimise the associated risks; and
  • reporting incidents, near misses and hazards, as responding to these is vital to improving safety and health.