Get involved

The mission of Ambulance Wish Western Australia is to fulfil the wishes of terminally ill patients who are no longer mobile and unable to travel without medical intervention, equipment and support. Medically trained volunteers and special Wish Ambulances provide the means to make these last dreams come true.

Ambulance Wish Western Australia is entirely dependent on volunteers and community support. Its management committee is comprised entirely of volunteers, there are no salaried staff. Volunteer clinicians accompany the patients on their last wish, all supported by volunteers behind the scenes. There are various ways that you can get involved and help terminally ill West Australians fulfil their final wishes.


We run entirely on charitable donations. Whether it is a one-off or regular giving, your donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia will help fulfil the wishes of terminally ill WA patients.


We are always looking for volunteers. We’re looking for Nurses, Paramedics, Medical Practitioners, Professional drivers, Photographers, Videographers, Fundraisers, Office volunteers, and more . . .

Become a member

Becoming a member of Ambulance Wish Western Australia is a special way of pledging your support to helping fulfil the last wishes of terminally ill West Australians.


Our partners are the wheels of the program, without them we are unable to move and progress. Major partners receive branding exposure through equipment, media and engagement opportunities.


Create your own fundraising event; raise funds for your birthday, in memoriam and more; or establish a crowdraiser - all will help fulfil the wishes of terminally ill WA patients.


Does your company provide a service or product that could help Ambulance Wish Western Australia? Services we need include vehicle storage and servicing; training facilities; uniform; and printing.

Theory of change

While the fulfilment of patients’ final wishes can have a huge positive influence on the individual patient and their family, the establishment and development of Ambulance Wish Western Australia can assist in changing the narrative towards positive dying and improved well-being.

As part of the international Ambulance Wish Movement, Ambulance Wish Western Australia receives updates regarding achievements and benefits fulfilling final wishes from around the world, for example, Ambulance Wish Queensland is currently collaborating with several academics and project management experts to develop a Program Benefits Framework to ensure the impact of the program can be demonstrated.

From their research, and experiences from other international Ambulance Wish Institutions, anticipated benefits of the Ambulance Wish programme in Western Australia will include:

  • Improved well-being;
  • Reduced anxiety and fear;
  • Increased empowerment;
  • Increased end of life planning;
  • Increased awareness of palliative care;
  • Increased compassionate communities; and
  • Increased death and compassion literacy.

Representatives from Ambulance Wish Western Australia also participate in discussions on improving Western Australia palliative care, including providing care strategies and guidelines for ambulance services.


Palliative Care WA's vision is quality palliative care for all and the organisation is working towards this by emphasising a collaborative approach with its members, the palliative care sector and other key stakeholders, and in particular with the WA community. Their experience in promoting the principles and practices of palliative care will assist Ambulance Wish WA to provide the highest quality care for its wish recipients and its integration into the WA palliative care sector.

For each of our corporate partners, our partnership team will work with you to create a tailored sponsorship solution that will enable you to show your support for Ambulance Wish West Australia and achieve your strategic brand and marketing objectives.