Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Ambulance Wish Western Australia and helping fulfil final wishes for terminally ill West Australians. 

Host an event

1. Plan your event idea.

2. Read our Fundraising Terms & Conditions.

3. Submit an Application to Fundraise.

4. Let us know how your fundraising is going. We love to hear from our fundraisers. Send your photos and stories to We are always looking for inspirational stories to feature in our newsletters, social media and on our website. We’ll always ask your permission before using your name or any of your photos in our social media or publications.

5. Complete a Financial Reporting Statement and deposit the funds raised.

6. Sit back and relax knowing that you’ve just made a real contribution to fulfilling final wishes of terminally ill West Australians. 

Create your own personalised fundraiser

Make a difference through your special occasion or sporting event

Giving in celebration to Ambulance Wish Western Australia is a remarkable way to mark important milestones or special occasions at the same time as fulfilling final wishes for terminally ill West Australians.

Share the love in lieu of gifts for your birthday, anniversary, or special day by helping us to fulfil final wishes.

Alternatively, create a personalised Ambulance Wish Western Australia fundraising page for your sporting challenge. If you are feeling adventurous, create your own sporting fundraising event, such as corporate golf day or bicycle race.

Encourage others to celebrate with you

If you would like to mark a milestone by raising funds at your event, making a dedicated donation page is a special and convenient way to enable friends and loved ones to show their support in lieu of gifts. Our partners at GoFundraise can assist you in creating your own page to fundraise on our behalf in just a few easy steps.

To find out more, please visit our Charity page

Once you have created your personalised fundraising page, involve your family, colleagues, friends or school too and ask them to support you. Share your progress on your blog or social media channels. Remember we are also here to help you.

Create your own Facebook fundraiser


Go to and select Ambulance Wish Western Australia as your chosen charity.


You can set your goal for your campaign and the deadline.


Facebook Fundraiser will provide a prefilled message and title for your fundraiser campaign but you can customise it to send a more personal message to your family and friends if you wish.


You can upload your own custom image, or leave it as is. Now all you need to do is click on Create

Create your own GiveNow fundraiser


Go to, enter your email address and select Ambulance Wish Western Australia as your chosen charity.


Chose a title to appear at the top of your Fundraising page.


Describe your fundraising page to send a personal message to your family and friends.


Your fundraiser is now active for you to share.


Containers for Change

Get involved with Western Australia’s newest recycling project and make a donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia.

  • Collect your aluminium, glass, plastic, steel, and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L.
  • Drop to your nearest depot for a refund.
  • Use our code C10405107 or QR code to make a donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia.

Visit Containers for Change WA for more information.

Thank you for choosing to donate your refund to Ambulance Wish Western Australia.

Scheme ID


Save your scheme ID barcode now

 Simply tap the relevant option below to launch the wallet app and add Ambulance Wish Western Australia’s scheme ID and barcode.

IPhone users

Android users

If you don’t have WalletPassess installed, you will need to download it from the Play Store.

Community fundraising ideas

Get active

Join a sporting event such as a fun run or cycle race, or create your own sponsored event, and challenge yourself while raising funds.

Raise funds at school or work

Get your colleagues and friends together and create an awesome event. Ideas include morning tea; casual Friday; talent contest or free dress day.


Upcoming birthday or other celebration? Ask your friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts and create a lasting memory. 

Activity ideas

Host a run, cycle or triathalon event. A 5k is an easily organised event. Rather than rely solely on entry fees, implement peer-to-peer fundraising so participants can start raising money upon registration.

Host your own charitable flag football tournament. Charge an entry fee per team, or ask participants to fundraise for entry. 

Exercise lessons. Whether you focus on yoga, tennis, or self-defense, host an afternoon where participants can donate to receive a lesson. To find an instructor, reach out to experts at local gyms or studios who might be interested in donating their skills for a good cause.

Workplace or school ideas

Have a sweet tooth? Why not have a bake off at work? Participants compete to bake the most delectable treat out there, and guests can donate for the chance to taste test and vote for their favorites.

At school? Organise a cake sale; talent show; car wash; free dress day; games tourniment or activities such as a 12 or 24 hour dance marathon. 

A pub or wine crawl can make a fun night or day out equally as meaningful. Plan your route with local breweries or vineyards, charge for entry, and invite registrants to secure donations for each stop they make. Put a fun twist on the event by adding a strict dress code. 

Creative or talented?

Host an event that displays your creativity and puts you and your art in the spotlight.

Host an art show. Charge a few dollars for admission and set up a donation table or booth for general contributions. Not only will you raise money, but you’ll also show the community your amazing talent.

Battle of the bands — Invite some local bands and give your community a chance to support Ambulance Wish WA and enjoy the performance.

Create One-of-a-Kind Pieces.  If you’re an artist or an inventor, you can use your creativity to fashion one-of-a-kind pieces that you can then sell or auction to members of the public.


Community fundraising posters


Crowdfunding is an online fundraising campaign for a specific project. It differs from traditional fundraising in a number of ways, but the most significant is the importance of setting a target: the fundraiser sets a target, people pledge an amount – usually in exchange for some form of reward, but sometimes just as a straight donation – and the amount pledged/donated is remitted to the fundraiser.

Crowdfunding offers individuals, groups and organisations a way to raise funds via an online crowdfunding platform. A project must have a funding goal and a time limit set by you, the project creator. During this time you spread the word about your amazing idea to your fans, friends, family, and any strangers and sponsors you can wow with your pitch. Supporters simply register and help fund the project.

You’re required to set a specific funding goal for your project and a time limit for meeting this goal. Your timeframe can be as short as one day, and up to 6 months, although the majority of organisations opt for a 30 day campaign. The project deadline is the date until which supporters can contribute funds toward your target.



Entertainment offers

Entertainment memberships give you thousands of 2-for-1 and up to 50 per cent off offers from many of the most popular restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping and accommodation in your area and more. Offers are instantly available and valid year-round.

An Entertainment Membership allows you to save money and help Ambulance Wish Western Australia at the same time, with us receiving 20 per cent of the membership cost. 

Support Ambulance Wish Western Australia and purchase an Entertainment Membership here. 

Ambulance Wish Western Australia is with you every step of the way and is always here to help! If you have any questions, need some advice or more information please contact