Bequest - leave a legacy

We understand that including a charity in your Will is a very personal decision and one that should be carefully considered. We appreciate that your family and loved ones should always come first, and believe it is important to talk with them about your intentions and why leaving a gift to Ambulance Wish Western Australia is important to you.

It is a common misconception that only wealthy people leave money to charity when they die. Bequests in wills are not just for the rich and famous. The reality is that most bequests are made by ordinary people who want to make a positive difference to their community after they’re gone.

Including a charity in your will is a way to bring dignity, meaning and purpose to a life well lived. It is an opportunity to continue to support an organisation you have supported in your lifetime, or to support the charities you always wanted to, but were unable to in your lifetime. You, and your values, beliefs and generous philanthropic role modelling, will live on in the memories of those you support.

Perhaps you were supported by an amazing organisation, but you were unable to give back as generously as you would have liked in your lifetime. A bequest in your will is a great way to ensure that their vital work carries on to support others in times of need. A bequest in your will can contribute to the future sustainability of an organisation, ensuring the institutions and ideas you value continue in the future, for your friends and family and generations to come.

How to leave a gift in your will

Once you have decided on the type of gift you wish to leave, your solicitor or other professional will need these details for the wording of your Will. You can copy and paste the wording below.

“I give free of all duties or taxes…

[Please insert here the appropriate statement selected from the six options below:]

  • the whole of my estate;
  • [insert number] percent of my estate;
  • the residue of my estate;
  • [insert number] percent of the residue of my estate;
  • the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]; or
  • Details of specific asset – such as shares or property.

…to Ambulance Wish Western Australia ABN 89 482 486 272 for its general purposes. The receipt of an authorised officer for the time being of Ambulance Wish Western Australia Inc. shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of my executor’s duties.”

If you choose to leave us a gift in your Will, we promise to:

  • Honour your wishes;
  • Respect that a decision as important as this needs time – how and when you choose to write it is personal to you;
  • Understand that you might change your mind – circumstances can change and you have the freedom to reconsider your decision at any time;
  • Honour your privacy – we would like to acknowledge your generosity but will only give you the recognition you are comfortable with;
  • Ensure your gift is used in the most effective way; and
  • Continue to communicate and update you with the latest information on our programs and achievements.