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Ambulance Wish Western Australia has launched its spring appeal to raise funds for its first ‘Wish Ambulance’, the vehicle which will allow immobile, terminally ill West Australians to fulfil their final wishes.

During a patient’s final weeks or days, it is possible to bring them joy and comfort through visiting a familiar place that reignites precious memories, or to fulfil something special on their bucket list that can give them a sense of achievement and excitement. It is also possible to gather a family and friends to create one last memory, one last celebration of their loved one. It is usually the little things that mean the most to a person nearing the end of their life, but these can seem impossible.

When we have passed 50 per cent of our $150,000 target we will start our volunteer clinicians training programme, ensuring that they have the required knowledge and skills to safely convey our wish recipients on their final wishes. Once the commissioning date of the ‘Wish Ambulance’ is known, we will open our wish programme. 


The 'Wish Ambulance'

A Wish Ambulance is a vehicle specially designed or converted to transport immobile, terminally ill patients to fulfil their wishes. Wish Ambulance design varies around the world but there are several similarities – the ability to provide excellent patient care; tinted windows to allow privacy while allowing patients to view their journey; and a comfortable ride, often with electronic stretchers with specialised mattresses. Medical equipment is often hidden from sight but easily accessible if required.

Help us to start fulfilling final wishes

Every dollar helps us fulfil final wishes. We run entirely on charitable donations and are managed by volunteers. All donations go to running Ambulance Wish Western Australia and fulfilling last wishes.

Ambulance Wish Western Australia aims to bring joy to the final period of critically ill, immobile patients’ lives and ease the grieving process by fulfilling a wish identified by patients, families or clinicians. The Ambulance Wish programme seeks to provide care, even after accepting that death is imminent, by fulfilling wishes to celebrate the patients’ lives and passions. This can ease grief for families by providing a means for them to support their loved ones, and can allow clinicians to provide something meaningful for their patients even when they are unable to do so medically. Fulfilling wishes for those who have little time left will have a lasting and memorable impact on all involved.

All Ambulance Wishes are FREE, however, the volume of wishes that can be fulfilled is dependent upon donations and corporate fundraising. 

Donations can be made by direct bank transfer, donation form, and online. For further information, or to donate, please visit our donations page

Information on fundraising, sponsorship and partnerships can be found here

If you, or your organisation, are interested in forming a partnership or sponsoring Ambulance Wish Western Australia, please contact us.

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Please consider sharing and displaying our Spring Appeal promotional poster, which can be downloaded here

Ambulance Wish Western Australia would also like to invite individuals, businesses, groups and communities to get involved by organising or hosting fundraising events and activities and giving sponsorship money from event participation. You can set up a CrowdRaiser™ for any reason at all. There are some great opportunities to create a CrowdRaiser to raise funds for Ambulance Wish Western Australia including;

  • Birthdays;
  • Weddings;
  • Fun Run/Bike/Swim;
  • Personal Challenges;
  • Bereavements.

To create a personalised fundraising page, please visit our  CrowdRaiser page.

Would a group you’re part of like a speaker from Ambulance Wish Western Australia to lead a talk about the work we do? If so, please contact us